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We do not sell or rent personal information to others! The information we collect through our Site and Services is primarily used to create new accounts, collect payment for our Services, identify and communicate with current subscribers, or offer troubleshooting or customer support. Black Hosting Solution offers a vast range of IT services for businesses and technophiles in particular. From web hosting to virtual datacenters, dedicated servers and storage solutions, all our services benefit from continuous innovation and are regularly enriched with new features.

  • Secure and high availability hosting at an industrial level.
  • Scalability for your server farm guaranteed in just a few clicks.
  • Redundancy ensured for every server, storage space and network path.
  • Compliance with the laws of the country your servers are hosted on.

In a continually evolving field, reactivity and questioning are key words. Always at the cutting-edge of technological innovation, we are constantly facing new challenges presented to us by our clients, with whom we keep a direct and continuous relationship. Thanks to the precious feedback from our users, we develop products and services that meet their expectations.

Black Hosting Solution provides cloud infrastructure as a service from a growing number of data centers and network points of presence around the world. Our customers range from Web startups to global enterprises.

Who is Black Hosting Solution?

We are the solution to the problem that exists where Black people are not able to go to Black Hosting companies. As web admins and site developers, we depend on white hosting companies to service our blogs. Sometimes this is okay as most companies have stringent policies that are in place to protect their consumers. However, we also acknowledge that sometimes there are conflicts of interest in the content that we create and promote. This could have adverse effects on our websites and could cause technological problems that are sometimes too advanced for average consumers to battle, preventing the success of their website and content altogether.

Black Hosting Solution believes that when it comes to building excellent websites on the internet, we should at least be able to benefit from Black hosting companies that have our best interests in mind.

Black Hosting Solution goes further. We want to see success among websites that our hosted on our platform and pushing content that we can respect. Therefore, we create news feeds, facebook posting, and have created incentives imposed for the purpose of spreading your content throughout the web. Due to poor networking habits among Black website owners and developers, we offer extensive promotion and care deeply about the success of the websites that we host.

We also understand that money makes the world go round. Therefore we have optimized our very own affiliate program in which we help website owners and affiliates earn residual income potential.

Our Mission

At Black Hosting SOLUTION we strive to make you; the client happy. To achieve this, we provide 24/7 support through tickets and special phone support for mission-critical clients. Our clients enjoy the fact that we think out-of-the-box with this we can help clients see problems from a different angle and perhaps find a better solution for a problem.

Our Datacenter

We always strive to offer good quality products at fair prices, we do not advertise aggressively, from experience this will only decrease the budget, we can spend on actually helping our clients instead of only attracting them. What’s the use of building a big clientèle when you cannot maintain one? We rather invest in a good and stable network, good equipment and good support.

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